Facility Management

Our experienced Building Manager supervises the hard and soft services of a built structure, ensuring that the security, health and safety, and maintenance of this built structure are in place to a satisfactory level. There are essentially two types of building manager positions: residential and commercial. Hard services usually relate to physical, structural services such as fire alarm systems, lifts and so on where as soft services allude to cleaning, landscaping, security and such like human-sourced services.

It is our mission to effectively and efficiently utilize our team of specialized experts to provide direct and measurable benefit to you; either by increasing revenue or decreasing expenses and increasing in the Quality, standard and market value of your property.

When it comes to managing a building which is entering its wear & tear stage, we have the advantage since we have a Construction arm under the same banner. In most cases, we use it as benchmark during Open Tender Bidding exercise to identify which of the Vendors participating over quote or under quote in their proposals.

Most importantly, being a customer focused organization that we are our goal is to satisfy the client’s utmost desires. This is in line with our company’s slogan.