What is Building Pathology?

Building pathology is a holistic approach of studying and understanding buildings, and in particular, building defects and associated remedial action.

Building pathology involves the methodical study of buildings, their components, and environment, to address failures.

Defects can be 'patent' or 'latent'. Patent defects are those which can be discovered by reasonable inspection. Latent defects are those which cannot be discovered by reasonable inspection, for example problems with foundations which may not be apparent.

High Rise Building Inspection

Facade Rectification Works

Defects may occur because of wide a range of issues, such as:

Why you need us as your Building Pathologist?

  When defects become apparent, remedial work may be necessary to correct them. However, this is not always straight forward 

  It is not always clear what constitutes a defect

  It is not always clear what has caused a defect. It may be a combination of design and workmanship deficiencies, or an apparent defect in finishes may actually be caused by a structural problem

  It is not always clear where the fault lies, or it may lie with more than one party

 The remedial works necessary to correct a defect may be very extensive, complex, costly, time consuming or out of proportion with the nature of the defect itself

Building pathology consists of three primary activities:

Each material or component that makes up a building has its own characteristics and requirements, which can lead to different kinds of failure. These must be investigated and carefully considered in order to diagnose problems and develop an appropriate remedial strategy.



Advantages of having us as your building pathologist:

  Provide confidence for a potential purchaser or tenant

  Establish liability for dilapidations

   Determine stability and risk of failure

  Diagnose defects when symptoms appear

   Identify and understanding the reasons for present condition

  Ensure compliance with legal requirements

  Provide a strategy for repairs or maintenance

  Provide expert witness evidence

  Provide damage assessments following an incident

  Assess performance

  Provide management solutions

  Value remedial works

Backed by over 15 years’ experience of dealing with all aspects of building surveys and investigations, we carry out Visual Inspections, Physical Investigations, Defects Diagnosis  and Prepare Reports & Recommendations where necessary, covering issues / services such as:

Structural building failure

of component elements, including brickwork and timber works

Structural building failure

of external envelope elements such as Cladding works, Glass & Windows and Roof finishes

Damp issues

Including penetrating damp, rising damp, condensation and failure of heating and acoustic insulation

Indoor Air Quality & Management
Impurity content

Anthrax in plaster and heavy metals in paint

Insect infestation

Wood boring beetle and others

Rot infection

Dry rot and wet rot infection and decay

Water leak
Water Supply, Storage & Distribution System



More than 230 planned building checklist:

Movement due to moisture/thermal movement and subsidence/settlement

Mould growth and Volatile Organic-Compounds (VCOs) and other potential health hazards to building occupancy

‘Mothballing’ consultancy to protect the capital value of properties during periods of reduced occupancy or prior to re-development

Pre-Qualify, Evaluate & Select Reliable Service Provider

Structural & Surface crack developments

Preventive maintenance schedule

Equipment’s Predictive Maintenance

3rd Party Vendor Management

Develop Scheduled Inspection Checklist

Building Audit

Inspection Service Contract

Full Labour Service Contract