Outstanding debts reduce cashflow, cause the need for additional staff, lead to dead end accounts and jeopardize the efficiency and productivity of your business. Beyond that, unpaid accounts are frustrating, worrisome and distracting.

With our network throughout MALAYSIA, we offer high quality debt recovery services no matter the size of your business or number of unpaid accounts.

Our highly-trained, experienced staff retrieve outstanding debts and close troublesome accounts with no risk to you:



TED began serving commercial businesses large and small in Malaysia since 2002. We’ve grown in size and stature and now are one of Malaysia’s premier debt recovery services.

We are an industry leader in debt recovery because we’re highly experienced in turning the often difficult and time-consuming task of collecting outstanding debts into working capital for your business.

We attribute our success to:

  A dedicated, hard-working and experienced staff of professionals

  Maintaining high ethical standards

  Very attentive and personalized customer service

  Investing in the latest technologies

 Up-to-date knowledge of the industry

We have a national network of offices that offer debt recovery in all sectors, including:

Our network of agents and the support of our associated law firm, allow us to fully extend our debt recovery efforts in the event that field calls or litigious action is warranted. This means that we can continue the debt collection process no matter how complex or difficult the situation.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to retrieve debts owed to our clients as quickly and completely as possible. We work on our client’s behalf to free them from the burden of collecting debts on their own, allowing them to attend to the core duties of their business.

It’s our goal to resolve overdue accounts as quickly and completely as possible.

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